Thursday, December 27, 2012


Bismillahirahmanirrahim :)

::Life is like a novel..many chapter read and forgotten..but, there's one i won't forget..Its the chapter when I met U & we become friends..::

This is my midnight entry(timing xbetoi)..suddenly missing my beautiful ladies at Far Far Away Kingdom. What are you doing guys??? Does somebody missing me like I do ?? T____T..looking at those pictures in my lappy makes me tear up.. anyway..this is for u guys :)

my yayang yang sgt protective n pandei menari deewali_ALEEN :P

my yayang yang pink maniac heheheh _EFFA

my yayang yang gojessss_JUEJUE

my yayang yang sweet n polite_KUZA

my yayang yang tiutttt_ILA


xde keja :P untonglaaa ringan jak

The beginning :)

K@mi lagik....:)

F@mily Potret...kmi  adik beradik pmpuan ada yg tgh outstation :P xde @happy birthday yg EFFA

Will love you guys forever T___T till Jannah :) InshaAllah :)

"Sahabat tidak bermakna kerapnya bertemu, tetapi kerana doa yang disampaikan oleh sahabat kepada sahabatnya yang lain dan tidak pernah terputus.."
Forget me not <3 LOVE FOREVER

with love,
dyeel@nurr :)

Puncak Alam Castle :)

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