Wednesday, October 19, 2011


hope everybody in Allah blessing.amin2 insyaAllah^__*
There's nothing much to be updated in this ugly blog actually cos i got nothing much to do..
Staying at home during my precious holiday..just at homeT_____Thuhuhuhuuh
but, there's something that I really love to do..
jeng..jeng...jeng..reading novels of course..big smile for u ^________________________^

Luckily, i was supplied with a very interesting novels by my lovely aunt..hehhehe..Every weekend she'll be asking  me whether i've done reading the novels or not coz she just bought a new novels for me to read..uwahahahahaha..
Thanks u so much u always..just bring me as many as u can ya..^____*

Ermm..just one more thing..hopefully during this holiday i'll be the one who is better than yesterday..the one who always listen to her parents and the one who always remember her creator..AllahuRabbi..inshaAllah:)

"When u have Allah, U'll have everything in ur life"

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