Tuesday, June 7, 2011

::External Practical::

Assalamualaikum 2 everyone..(^_^)
Semoga sentiasa di bawah payung BARAKAH Ilahi..

7 June 2011..Hari nie 1st day pg Industrial Training di department CICTS (Centre for Information & Communication Technology Services), UNIMAS. Without enough preparation, I just pray to Allah smoga segala2nya berjalan dengan lancar..ALHAMDULILLAH..Allah mendengar doa hambanya ini..dengan segala kehendaknya akhirnya hari ini berakhir dengan sempurna dan lancar walaupun not much work to do but i really enjoyed n excited to be there...
Kepada semua staff di CICTS thankx for the warm welcoming.. i really appreciate it..u guys a so friendly with me..hoping that all of you can guide n teach me more n I will learn everything..It is about 3 months to go..there's gonna be a lot thing to learn about..I'll enjoy it!!hehehe
I don't really have idea to write about but that's all for today..i rarely updating my blog due to the internet connection problem..huhuhu..
Have a gud day everyone n Assalamualikum...(*_^)

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